Outstanding Achievement in Multi-Camera Editing (2007)
Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team (2008)(2009)

DGA Award
One Life To Live, 8849
Associate Director (2003)

Starr X'd Lovers, The Musical Part 2
Associate Director (2010)

Mary Ryan

Mary is intelligent, intuitive and artful — fiercely protective of the narrative. She's an editor any serious director would kill to have on a production team." Larry Carpenter, director


Article about music on One Life To Live

Former Positions

Associate Producer, FOX, 13 Bourbon Street (1997)

Associate Producer, NBC, Another World (1994-1996)

Associate Producer, PBS, The Nobel Legacy (1993-1995)

Production Coordinator, Documentary Feature: Fast Cheap and Out of Control,
Directed by Errol Morris, 1992

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